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Mahraskavir Factory History

Mehras Kavir PVC Pipe and Profile Manufacturing Company was established in 2007. The company started to work in 2008 on a land plot with an area on 4545m2, with an annual production capacity of 700 tons, in three workings shifts, employing directly 8 persons. In 2009, Mehras Kavir Company increased the number of production lines and hired professional staff to increase its annual production capacity to 1,400 tons. Accordingly, new products were added to portfolio of the company, which drew attention of the target markets. In 2010, the company increased the number of machines and extended the production lines to increase the production capacity from 1,400 tons to 2,100 tons; and in 2012 this capacity was increased to 3,500 tons per annum. In 2013, this unit purchased the neighboring industrial unit through an official auction, in line with its development plans, and extended the plant area to more than two times. This trend of development continued in 2014 by purchasing the adjacent land plot; and accordingly the site area increased to 14,000m2, with a total built area of 3,000m2. At the beginning of 2015, the company purchased new machines and increased the annual production capacity to 4,200m2, which was another great step towards realization of the company goals.


Mehras Kavir Company was established aiming to produce top quality UPVC products; and in line with the customer orientation policy and observing the consumers’ rights, the company managed to obtain the permit for using the national standard logo, as well as numerous incentives and manufacturing standards for its products. Mehras Kavir Company is honored to obtain various quality and production certificates from well-know European companies. This company is currently producing the UPVC pipes used in building and poultry farming industries. Producing the high-quality products in the country, and distributing the products to the large-scale national projects, the company has provided 70 direct and 200 indirect job opportunities for the most competent, skilled, and talented young workforces in east part of the country. Throughout years of activity Mehras Kavir has become a reliable national brand. This company not only experienced no decline in the tough economic conditions, especially in the recent years; but also stepped firmly towards realization of its goals, year after year, thanks to the mercy of God, blessings of the elderly and restless efforts of the humble young personnel. Mehras Kavir Company moves on a well-defined schedule consisting of hours of theoretical and practical work. The company is always keen to move forward and produce new products using the latest global technologies; and has managed to achieve various provincial, national, and international titles and honors. The outcome of our synergy and efforts in Mehras Kavir Company is production of global-quality products under the national “Mehras Kavir” brand.

Mehraskavir Company Policy

Mission: Production in the international context and development of human capacities for enhancing the human life

Mehraskavir Values


Respecting the human beings as well as their values and rights


Observing the professional ethics and commitment to the undertakings


Insisting on safety, health, and environment


Maintaining the desirable quality


Development of creativity and innovation culture


Constant improvement and development of technical and management capacities


Win-win-win relationship

Mehras Kavir Company Quality Policy

Mehras Kavir Company, in line with realization of it mission, vision, and goals, and observing the values, contractual requirements, and national and international rules, regulations and standards, with cooperation of all the personnel, is committed to the followings:

 Constant monitoring and improvement of the quality

 Preparing the ground and optimum allocation of resources to effective execution of the procedures, understanding and meeting the needs of the stakeholders based on the mutual interests

 Constant improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the procedures based on the evaluation results

 Monitoring and measuring the improvement management indicators and feedbacks in the organization

 Enhancing the knowledge, empowerment, and development of the staff and promoting their participation in development and effective implementation of the management systems and exchange of knowledge and experiences

Mehras Kavir Company Research and Development Unit

Research and development units are the cores of industrial research activities in the factories. Performance of these units is an outcome of the systematic cooperation between a number of main sectors, which help each other to realize tasks of the research and development unit. R&D unit activities in Mehras Kavir Company consist of:

 Monitoring quality of the raw materials and enhancing quality of the products

 Development of new products and need assessment in order to meet the customers’ needs

 Enhancing the customers’ knowledge of the products and assuring the consumers’ rights

Acquiring technical know-how and enhancing technology of the production lines

 Enhancing the staff knowledge

 Improving the procedures

 Transferring and acquiring potential technologies

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