Mehraskavir Quadrangle (Cascade) Nipple Pipes

UPVC nipple pipes are amongst Mehras Kavir Company’s most important products, due to their exclusive features, and are produced in two types of circular nipple and quadrangle (cascade) nipple. These types of pipes are known as the best and top-quality pipes across the country because of their strength and resistance; and no other local products can compete with these pipes. The nipple pipes produced by this company show a great resistance against external impacts and pressures, if installed properly, and because of their flexibility and formulation, nipples can be fixed without any problems of the body. Light weight, form, and special design of these pipes help minimizing the installation problems.

Nipple drinker is the most popular system around the world. The empirical results suggest that chickens grown by this system show a better coefficient and lower death rate and slaughterhouse condemnation compared to those grown by ordinary drinker systems. Moreover, nipples are generally closed systems, which supply clean water to the chickens. This system contains less bacteria, mineral deposits, waste, etc, compared to the open systems and prevents some of the diseases common in the other drinker systems. Nipple system is considerably healthy as the chickens use the nipples individually, which minimizes the chance of transferring diseases and is compatible to physiology of the chickens. This system supplies adequate clean water to all the chickens and helps them grow fast and regularly. Considering the special design of this system, it can be used from the first day to the end of growing period for various types of chickens including broilers, breeders, laying hens, and turkeys, and helps increasing capacity of the halls. The system also doesn’t let water split on the ground, and therefore less labor is needed to clean the halls, as there is no need to wash them daily.

  •    Preserving quality of the water and being made of a non-hazardous material (the pipes are clean and transfer the water without changing its taste, odor, and color)

  •    Low friction and pressure drop (facilitates passage of the liquid along the pipe)

  •    Durability (reducing the installation, maintenance, and replacement costs)

  •    Corrosion resistance (high resistance against passage of liquids and chemical medicines)

  •    High impact resistance

  •    Light weight and easy installation

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