Electric fireproof pipes of Mehraskavir

One of the important products and advantages of Mehras Kavir Company is Class 425 (highest mechanical pressure) inflammable UPVC conduits, which has a lot of applications in the power industry. This generation of pipes has lots of advantages and capabilities compared to the other pipes produced in the country and provides the consumers’ with a new choice. Mehras Kavir Company is the largest producer of inflammable pipes in east of the country. The most important advantage of this generation of pipes, as the only product of this type in the country, is its unheated pliability. These pipes can be bent easily to any required angle, without heating, by a special string designed and produced by this company. Due to this advantage, there is no need to use fittings in the projects. These pipes can show a high resistance against external pressures and impacts due to their high strength and mechanical resistance. Therefore, they are suitable for specific places like floor of the construction projects, where the pipes are likely to beak, as they do not need concrete protection, and this will reduced the builder’s cost. Being used in open areas with various temperature tolerances has no effects on quality of the pipes and their nature is maintained for a long period. Using this type of pipe shall reduce the installation waste and accelerates the installation work. Inflammability is another advantage of these pipes. In case of fire, these pipes are not inflamed easily, and shall stop burning immediately as soon as the source of heat is taken away.

Healthcare and laboratory projects require higher quality of pipes compared to the other projects. This made Mehras Kavir Company look for a suitable alternative for the steel pipes that while having the technical advantages of the steel pipes, can facilitate the installation work and reduce the consumers’ cost. Today, this product is known all over the country as Mehras Kavir Inflammable Conduit.

  •    Accelerating the installation work due to pliability of the pipe

  •    Low friction factor (easy insertion of various cables and wires)

  •    High mechanical strength (high resistance against impacts)

  •    Cold pliability (being used without any fittings)

  •    Reduced cost and omitting the cost of concrete protection over the pipes

  •    Corrosion resistance (high resistance against acids, alkalis, and bacteria)

  •    Fire resistance (inflammability and retarding the flame and heat)

  •    UV resistance, unchanged color, and potential of being used exposed (Expose)

  •    Durability

  •    Electrical and thermal insulation

  •    Light weight and easy installation

  •    Cold and frost resistance

  •    A suitable alternative for steel pipes

Step 1:

Place the string inside the pipe and direct it to the spot where bending is required.

Step 2:

Bend the pipe slowly with a steady pressure, in a way that the upper texture is fully opened and two ends of the pipe reach each other.

Note: No change of size takes places in the areas where the pipe texture is opened.

Step 3:

Bend the pipe in the opposite direction of the initial bend.

Note: Reverse the bend slowly in a way that no shrinkage appears on the bending spot.

Step 4:

Pull the string out and the required bend is made.

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